Helping Audit Departments Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

CCM-T is an evolution from generalized audit software tools like CaseWare IDEA and ACL.  Because our roots are in working with this generalized audit software, we provide audit executives and their teams with a variety of services related to the adoption, use, and optimization of CCM-T throughout the audit process. Additionally, our firm is a certified Tableau partner, and we are rapidly incorporating this tool for visual reporting together with other data analysis that we use on audit projects. 

Our experience includes IDEA, Tableau, and ACL training, specific to the audit plans and projects of an audit department.  It also includes building data-driven tools for risk assessment and for control assessment, and for providing advisory services that help audit teams map and achieve their own specific journey from basic data analysis to more frequent and in-depth continuous auditing activities.  Clients served in this service line include small public companies that are beginning their use of IDEA, ACL, or Tableau to large and complex multi-national firms with audit staffs on four continents. 

We offer an innovative, on-the-job training approach to using data analysis tools like IDEA, ACL, or Tableau that accomplishes audit objectives for particular audit projects while also facilitating the knowledge transfer that does not occur often enough from classroom training. 

Regardless of client or industry, we apply our experience with data driven-tools and our relationships with multiple software products to accomplish audit objectives in a cost-effective and practical way.  It is this combination of business and technology experience that makes us a preferred partner for the many diverse audit software and services firms listed on our Partners page.

Helping Find Fraud & Improving Controls - Profitably!

Using our sophisticated approach to survey your payments history (including A/P, T&E and P-Card Spending) will do two things for your organization:

1) By using a detailed, thorough program to review every single transaction, and by comparing these transactions to employee master files, vendor master files and external databases you will obtain a quick, inexpensive picture of possible fraud or internal control weaknesses in the procure-to-pay process within your organization. 

2)  This process will also reveal duplicate payments, overpayments, foregone discounts and violations of policy far more completely than even a "recovery audit" firm can provide.  Translation; our surveys are always profitable for the firms that use us.  Even better; we're internal auditors ourselves.  After flaws are revealed, we'll show you how to plug those holes permanently.

Introducing QuickstartTM

 Many clients we talk to simply don't know where to begin.  They'd like to use their technology tools more efficiently, they'd like to be sure that the scripts they're using are as effective as possible and they'd like to help get their staff more comfortable with data analytics...but there's nowhere to turn to make this happen.  Most software vendors don't understand internal audit - and your particular needs - very well.  Most big consulting firms are interested in big-dollar work; implementations and department-changing consulting studies.

So we developed QuickstartTM - with the internal audit department's unique needs in mind.

QuickstartTM isn't a "canned" approach to CCM-T; it's customized to meet your needs.  But it's customized within a framework that we believe best addresses every audit department's key objectives.   Using the proprietary framework shown below, we first sit down with you and your team to discuss your current audit plan, your overall goals, your current capabilities & tools, and your longer-term objectives.

Using this information, we craft a short (usually 2-4 weeks) consulting engagement that uses this format to produce immediate returns on your consulting budget.


Depending on your needs, and your capabilities, VRIQ principals spend their time helping you make as much progress as possible towards profitable and effective use of your resources, and providing you with insight as to what "next steps" can be most valuable for you and your team based on your budget, your tools and your people.

QuickstartTM Detail

During each phase of a QuickstartTM engagement, we'll be helping to advance your capabilities in the following areas.  Whether we're doing the work ourselves, or we're doing the work assisted by your team, or whether your team is doing the work assisted by VRIQ personnel, the total effort will be predictable and limited in scope.  

Immediate Focus & Momentum

The key to a QuickStart engagement is the selection of a first engagement that produces demonstrable impact on your department and your firm.  These queries may be intended to help prevent fraud, find or prevent duplicate payments and overpayments, or to attack another issue that is of great importance to you.  

Once this engagement is finished, you will find the next step up the "maturity curve" is easier because you already have some key data mapped and usable for additional queries.   The next inquiry you pursue, whether you do this internally or using our services, will be easier and less expensive because of the work we did in the first QuickStart and the roadmap we laid out for you.  

A department using CCM-T tools effectively will find that the cost of the "next query" becomes quite inexpensive.  Our goal is to use the "expensive" part of the process (the initial setup, data mapping and knowledge transfer) to be very impactful for your firm -  often even ROI-positive - and to make subsequent queries easy to do, quick to turn around, creative and very effective.  


Please write to ask us how we can use this proprietary approach to help your audit department "move up the maturity curve" and to become more effective, cover more ground, and to do it less expensively than before.  We'd be glad to talk over our approach in detail, share customer experiences, and even propose some creative ways to perform this work that will result in positive ROI for your firm.