Our focus areas, including industry and functional specialties include:

Internal Audit: Most internal auditors are seeking to leverage existing tools like ACL, Arbutus, and CaseWare IDEA to do more work with the same or fewer resources. Our data analysis expertise and our deep knowledge of the available tools make us an excellent and cost-effective partner for any internal audit function seeking to dramatically improve the scope, coverage, and/or frequency of its risk assessment. (For more information, please see the dedicated link under Resources)



Tableau and Visual Reporting: Traditional audit software tools like ACL and CaseWare IDEA are valuable, but often only tell part of the story. More often, a well-constructed chart or graph, especially with drill-through, helps complete the picture of an audit project. Visual Risk IQ has helped internal audit departments at some of the world's leading companies and universities get up the learning curve and adapt their audit methodology to include the use of Tableau and Visual Reporting. For an example of our work in Federal Grant Compliance, please see this webinar link. 

And to download a free, 14-day trial of Tableau Professional, please see this link  




Higher Education: Institutions of higher learning have unique needs that properly-implemented Continuous Monitoring software can satisfy in unprecedented ways. Visual Risk IQ has helped higher education clients in the areas of post-award grants compliance, financial aid and traditional controls monitoring. (For more on this topic, please see the dedicated link under Resources)





Recovery Audits: Properly implemented, CCM-T systems can deliver
huge returns on
investment when they are tasked with reviewing A/P, T&E and P-card spending after transactions are approved, but prior to payment. Many CCM-T implementations are completely paid for (and become profit centers!) when a recovery audit approach is used. To demonstrate the potential value, Visual Risk IQ uses CCM-T tools for retrospective analysis and recovery auditing, from data acquisition to issue identification and, as appropriate, through to collection.



Accounting/Finance: Many CCM-T applications are ideally suited for the accounting/finance operations of a complex organization. Whether it's monitoring accounts payable transactions or journal entries, addressing compliance challenges or developing monitoring dashboards, Visual Risk IQ is a valuable partner to the CFO and Controller seeking to improve internal controls and reduce fraud, errors, and waste.





For all these areas and more, we help organizations understand and apply innovation in ways that provide immediate high payback.  While technology is often a key enabler, it is our experience with business risk, business process and governance that makes our services distinctive .