CCM-T - Continuous Controls Monitoring for Transactions

Those of you who have met Kim Jones and me, either from our PwC days or since we founded Visual Risk IQ, know that we believe that the IT research community has not done a great job of defining categories within Governance, Risk and Compliance software. In 2008, the Continuous Controls Monitoring category had everything from Segregation of Duties tools like Virsa (now SAP-GRC) to IT General Control Tools (like TripWire) to Balloting Software like Resolver*Risk to transaction monitoring tools like those from ACL, Approva, CaseWare Monitor and Oversight.

In 2010, the research community started getting better. Maybe much better. Gartner published a new report this year on the segment of the GRC category in which we specialize, and they have named the category "Continuous Controls Monitoring for Transactions", or "CCM-T."  We believe this segmentation description does a far better job of grouping the vendors who are truly in this category.

The report separates CCM-T from other technologies, like CCM tools for Segregation of Duties, Application Controls, or Master Data.  To read the report for yourself, register on ACL's web site and download the Gartner CCM-T Report or if you are already a Gartner client, you may download the report from their site.  The report is also avaiable for download from Approva.