Firm History

Visual Risk IQ was founded in 2006 when CCM-T was an especially young and yet-to-be proven technology. The founders saw an opportunity to apply additional business and internal audit experience to extend the business value of CCM-T systems for large, complex enterprises. By forming a services and software firm dedicated exclusively to CCM-T and data analysis, the founders have been able to develop a deep understanding of available systems from multiple vendors, and to help clients maximize their return on investments in these systems. They continue to enjoy a first-mover advantage that has come from their own early investments and years of experience in what is still an emerging market.

Executive Bios


Kim Jones is a business-solution architect, entrepreneur and consultant with more than thirty years experience serving a wide variety of industries. As an independent contractor he has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers extensively for more than twenty years. Most recently he has been Technology Advisor to PwC’s Internal Audit Services practice providing technology leadership for the practice including ownership of PwC’s point of view on technologies and software that can improve the consistency, depth, efficiency and frequency of internal auditing at Fortune 250-size organizations. Prior to 2000 Mr. Jones was the co-founder of three enterprise-focused software companies in Northern California serving each as CEO and CTO. For a fuller educational and career summary, see Kim's profile on LinkedIn.


Joe Oringel is a CPA and CIA with twenty years of experience in internal auditing, fraud detection, and forensics.  He has over ten years of Big Four external audit, internal audit, and risk advisory experience, most recently with PwC. His corporate experience includes information security, internal auditing, and risk and control of large ERP systems for companies in highly-regulated industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, and Financial Services.  For a fuller educational and career summary, see Joe's profile on LinkedIn