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Visual Risk IQ is a services and software firm that helps clients achieve spectacularly effective results in business performance and internal controls using a combination of deep business experience and cutting-edge technologies. Our clients engage us to adapt an emerging class of technologies called Continuous Controls Monitoring for Transactions, or CCM-T, to their environments and address unmet or unthought of challenges relating to monitoring key risk and performance measures.

Our expertise lies in the world of internal controls and audit as well as in technology where we partner with many leading software firms. We help codify specialized industry, regulatory, and business knowledge to answer important questions about business performance and internal controls. Through near real-time monitoring and analysis of information contained in disparate internal and external databases, we enable rapid identification of business events and patterns of transactions that may represent errors, compliance issues, or even financial fraud.

Our key service areas are:

Consulting:  We help clients understand and adapt existing tools to better meet their performance and control monitoring objectives. When our client has already implemented these tools, we help optimize the monitoring and extend its effectiveness.  We also help point out areas of opportunity. If an existing platform can be extended to deliver major control environment improvements, we can provide advice on the approach and the technological expertise required to implement a solution in a rapid, cost-effective manner.



 Implementation: We have led full implementations of CCM-T software for a variety of specialized uses across large enterprises. Whether the tool used is ACL, Oversight, CaseWare Monitor or Approva, we have the technology background, business experience and staffing complement to ensure that the software is integrated successfully and used to its full potential in our client's environment.



Education: We deliver hands-on training on data analysis and extraction tools like ACL and IDEA, and on more advanced CCM-T tools like Oversight, CaseWare Monitor, and Approva.  Our proprietary Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Maturity Model (CA3M)sm helps us map our client's current maturity and chart a specific roadmap for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit and ERM functions in leveraging continuous auditing tools and techniques. 


Software enhancement:   We work with clients to extend and enhance the capabilities of their CCM-T tools by developing custom extensions and licensing add-on software for their environment. Currently we are developing Data Archiving and extended Dashboard and Visual Reporting tools and are licensing them directly and through our partners.




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